About me

I am wearing two professional hats: the first is civil society and social entrepreneurship, and the second is the development of infrastructure and community services for Senior Citizens, Aging and Age Friendly City

Extensive experience in municipal planning

I began my career as a geographer in the field of municipal and economic development. I have gained extensive experience in the planning local master plans, programs for public areas and social counseling for master plans and outlines in various Israeli social communities.

Knowledge in the fields of Third sector and civil society

During my work in municipal development, I understood that it should be a derivative of society and community, so I began to study the field of civil associations. During my doctoral studies I worked at the Center for Third Sector Research in Israel at Ben Gurion University of the Negev as the director of the database and in investigating the social and community background of NPOs` founders of. This period bases my skills in the field of mapping and modeling NGOs and other civil organizations.

I have accumulated many years of experience in mapping NPOs. In 2013, I conducted a broad mapping of the entire Israeli civil society for the European Union delegation in Israel, with a professional researcher from Spain (Beatriz Sanz Corella). In its wake, in 2014 I conducted another mapping for the European Union, the main issue of which was to examine how civil society promotes its goals and maintains working relations with the state. In addition, I researched the field of education associations (2008), teen and young people at risk (2017) for the ministry of labor, social affairs and social services, and wrote a position paper on umbrella organizations in the third sector for Civic Leadership (2018).

I am a faculty member of the Rabin Leadership Program at IDC Herzliya, as a facilitator and in charge of promoting social projects, and member of an international study group on the study of social entrepreneurship in academic institutions and in the community (https://www.silice.eu/)

Professionalization in the field of policy development, services and infrastructure for senior citizens and Age Friendly Cities

In 2010, I became familiar with the field of planning for senior citizens and the development of Age-Friendly Cities, a pioneering field that is still unclear to service providers in Israel and around the world. What does it mean to plan urban services for aging population? How their needs are different from other age groups? And how can the municipal system and government ministries should support elderly people?

I managed for five years a development plan for age-friendly city in one of Israel's largest cities. During this period I was also involved in planning and implementing the plan, in the field. I was introduced to the challenges of sharing officials in the municipal system in promoting the welfare of the elderly, and the need to involve the senior citizens themselves in every program and action. In recent years I have been engaged in academic research and the in development of policy documents for government ministries

Curriculum Vitae


Civil Society organizations and community projects

Mapping studies of civil society organizations

Modeling the work of civil organizations

Planning and consulting for social initiatives and civil organizations

Evaluation of community and social projects

Social and community master plans: education, welfare, children and youth, age-friendly city


Mapping of Israel Civil Society for the EU Delegation to Israel (2013) and for ENPI CIVIL SOCIETY FACILITY – SOUTH (2014)

Mapping of Educational Associations in the Israeli Education System (2010)

(Mapping of youth, young men and women at risk organizations (2018)

Modeling civil society umbrella organizations – Civil Leadership (2018

Modeling of Vahadarta- Association for the Employment of Senior Citizens (2017 (

Modeling of Gesher for the Future- A community development organization (2012, 2013)

Writing and conducting social capital surveys

Lecturer at the Rabin Leadership Program, IDC Herzliya

Social and programmatic planning for Age-Friendly Cities for government ministries, municipal athorities, business firms, and social associations

Development of master plans, infrastructure, and services for the age-friendly city

Developing social entrepreneurship by senior citizens and for senior citizens

Programmatic and social planning for housing for senior citizens

Design of urban spaces for the welfare of senior citizens

Consulting and promotion of senior citizens participation in the planning and services operating

Consulting for the establishment of senior citizens associations

Accompanying the development of technological initiatives for aging in cooperation with the target audience

Lectures for professionals and senior citizens


Management of Holon Master Plan for Age Friendly city  (2012,2017

(Senior Citizens in the Sports Master Plan (2013

Public transportation for senior citizens (201

Active and enriching Services Guide for Senior Citizens (2015

Programmatic planning of public areas for senior citizens service areas (2015

Modeling the Vahadarta NPO – a model for promoting the employment of senior citizens (2017

A comprehensive study of the housing possibilities for senior citizens – a telephone survey among 500 aged 70 and over and a review of International innovative possibilities(2018)  Abstract in English

Lecturer at HIT in Holon on technology and senior citizens (2016 up to day


Housing for senior citizens

An international survey of policies and programs, and a telephone survey among aged 70 and over

Older adult's outdoor allonliness- research

Presented at the Nordic Congress of Gerontology (23 NKG) Tampere, Finland 2016

Senior Citizen's Service Guide: a tool to expand the circle of service providers and improve access to information

presented in the AFCC Webinar 202, 2015

Mapping of Teen and Young People (ages 13-25) At Risk NPOs

Submitted to the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Services, Israel

Umbrella Organizations in Israel: Roles and Challenges in Representing Non-Profit Organizations

Written for Civic Leadership. The Israeli Civic Leadership Association

Mapping study of Civil Society Organisations in Israel December 2013

Written with Ms. Beatriz Sanz Corella